Emilio José Bernard


Malmö based

California raised



Originally from Oxnard, California, I now call Malmö my home. Since moving to Sweden in 2011, I've spent a majority of my time rooting myself in the design/small business community and working with projects that contribute to the growth and embrace of Malmö in Scandinavia and Europe. I own and manage the co-working space, From Studio, which provides a space for freelancers and independent creatives to work in the heart of Möllan. I also own and manage the From Skåne pop-up space, which allows small businesses to rent a versatile pop-up space to develop, polish, and sell their product(s). In between these projects, I am a freelance designer focusing on (but not limited to) web, branding, social media management, and packaging. 

Aside from working in the design community, I'm also active in the music scene in Malmö. As a part of the organisers of Deep House Sweden, we focus on unifying and growing the electronic scene by throwing events that are built on the foundations of acceptance, unorthodox afternoon plans, and quality house music. You may or may not have seen me stumbling around an afterhour's or two as well.

If you'd like to get in touch about anything really, simply head to the contact section of this fine website. Thanks for reading all this.