Emilio José Bernard



based in Malmö


How I work

Building your brand, whether it be digital, physical or something in between, is a process that should be introspective and educational. This is a principle that strikes deep into why and how I work. Being able to work intimately with small and large businesses alike to build a stronger community is why I wake up and go to work everyday. It is a passion as much as it is a career. I pride my work on the ability to listen, communicate, and executing on time. Aside from delivering whatever services you need, I strive to give you tools and knowledge so that you get the most out of the designs you're purchasing. Makes sense right?





Backyard Sessions
BIMobject AB
Coest AB
The Creative Plot
Cross Technology Solutions
Dansfabriken Ängelholm
Deep House Sweden
Fast Track Malmo

House Music With Love
Ideon Innovation
Learning To Sleep
Los Perros Urban Farming
Malmö Clothing Co.
Media Evolution
Mitt Möllan

Moriska Paviljongen
Scream Mediabyrå
Stena Fastigheter
Think Accelerator
Yoga Prehab


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